Cheaper than overnight disposable diapers

Overnight diapers are expensive and are not eco-friendly. Peejamas act as absorbent training pants that can be reused for more than 300 washes!

All the benefits of cloth diapers - without the mess

Do you love the earth-friendly features of organic diapers? We do, too, but we also know they don’t offer the benefits of Peejamas’ highly absorbent fabric or their specialized design with a high-rising waist to help reduce seeping/leaking. Peejamas training pajamas offer a winning solution—all the benefits of cloth training pants without the drawbacks.

Alternative to bedwetting alarms

Before you splurge on bedwetting alarms, which can be expensive, unreliable, and intrusive, try Peejamas. They are specially designed to help kids sense when they need to go to the toilet without the loud “bells and whistles” of alarms.

Alternative to waterproof pads for bed wetting

Peejamas are easier on the environment than disposable bed pads. They also offer advantages over waterproof pads for bed wetting, which tend to slide around on the bed and may lose their waterproof properties after too many washes. Since Peejamas are worn, they work well for restless sleepers who may push pads out of place. They can absorb moisture on contact to minimize nighttime leaks, and they can also be washed more than 300 times.



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