Pocket Cloth Diaper Starter Kit (12 diapers)

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Peejamas x Dyper Cloth Diaper Partnership

Cloth diapering from infancy, to potty training, to bedwetting & beyond!

Peejamas™ is proud to be the first-ever reusable diapering brand to offer a fully integrated cloth diapering system for your child, regardless of their age. 

Together with Dyper™, our co-branded pocket cloth diapers are designed to grow with your child. Unlike other brands, we don't stop offering support once your little one  begins potty-training. We're with you from diapering and completely through the Potty Training journey... bedwetting and all!

Peejamas x Dyper™ Cloth Diaper Starter Kit includes 12 diapers & 12 bamboo inserts! 

Diapers come in three (3) signature colors: yellow, gray and striped, while the inserts are white. Dyper x Peejamas cloth diapers are easily adjustable, and are made with an absorbent bamboo viscose layer coupled with a washable waterproof outer layer.

Looking for additional inserts? Consider adding extra Peejamas Booster Inserts. Our inserts are made with quick-absorbing Bamboo Terry outter, with two inner layers of microfiber to absorb maximum moisture and maintain dryness. This bamboo and microfiber hybrid continues to get softer and more absorbent with every wash. 

Our co-branded cloth diapers are designed to "grow" with your little one, with an easily adjustable fit using strategically placed snaps, allowing you to effortlessly configure the fit around the waist and legs, which is especially helpful while your child is growing.

As your child continues to grow into the potty training stage, rest assured that our Bamboo Inserts (that you just so happened to conveniently own) perfectly fit in both the Peejamas transitional training pants and our patented bedwetting peejamas

Need more inserts? Check 'em out here!

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How do Peejamas work?

Contrary to diapers which absorb any and all moisture, Peejamas are designed to slowly absorb liquid and not as much (about 10oz) as a diaper, which causes the child to feel a wet sensation and encourage them to get up and go to the bathroom. What often happens with diapers is children get too comfortable wetting them and the potty training process is prolonged. Peejamas can absorb roughly 3 pees a night for light to moderate pee-ers, making them the perfect stepping stone to overcoming nighttime potty training.

They're cheaper than overnight disposable diapers

Parents will pay over $2,000 during the course of their child's potty-training journey, and that doesn't include night-time diapers, which cost, on average, 50% more than standard day-time diapers. This means Peejamas are literally 66%+ cheaper than leading diaper brands when you calculate the quantity and cost of diapers over the span of potty training (they can be washed 300+ times)!

They're an eco-friendly diaper alternative

Did you know it takes 500 years for ONE diaper to decompose? It's true. Diapers contribute to billions of pounds of waste to landfills each year while ONE pair of Peejamas can be washed over 300 times, eliminating 18 pounds of waste and helping save the planet...one jammie at a time.

They're kid-friendly and cozy!

Peejamas are created from Oeko-100, certified fabrics that are 100% safe for contact with your child's skin and provide maximum absorbency of urine. Our pajamas are one of the few sold in the U.S. that do not soak the fabric in fire-retardant chemicals. This is important to us as we don't want to put anything on your children we wouldn't put on ours.