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Peejamas were created out of one parent's frustration with the lack of affordable, eco-friendly night-time potty-training products. Peejamas are an environmentally friendlier, more affordable, and more stylish alternative to disposable night-time diapers or trainers.

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Peejamas are made exclusively with certifiably safe fabrics, ensuring safety for contact with your child's skin and include the highest quality thread counts, making Peejamas comfortable AND durable!

How Do Peejamas Work?

Peejamas' patented design uses the highest quality fabrics that absorb, capture, and contain fluid to keep your sheets from getting wet, your mattress from getting stained, and your night of rest uninterrupted. Peejamas are made of super-absorbent fabrics that will hold over 15x their weight in liquid!

We’ve not only expanded our nighttime training pants collection, we’ve paired with beloved brands like Daniel Tiger, launched a line of daytime trainers for families just getting started, designed larger sizes for kids with need ongoing support and now offer our Peel-Away Pad, a mattress protector designed to provide extra absorbency for heavy-wetters.

We’re proud of our commitment to sustainability and supporting parents through this exciting (& also stressful) part of growing up, and invite you to join us on this journey.

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