We recently discovered an amazing new product that is taking the potty-training world by storm. The FIRST-EVER overnight training-pant pajamas, Peejamas are perfect for your bedwetting or potty-training child. Perfect for a variety of ages - Peejamas go from size 2T up to a 6/7!

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What are Peejamas?

Peejamas are nighttime training pants that are an alternative to disposable diapers. Meant to support your child with nighttime incontinence or to get over that final hump of potty training, Peejamas are made with kids in mind. Our jammies are soft, plush, and eco-friendly! Washable and reusable, Peejamas can be used over 300 times before beginning to lose their absorbency.

  • 70% less than disposable diapers (per night)
  • Eco-Friendlier than disposables
  • Good for OVER 300 WASHES