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Come see why Peejamas is the #1 children's clothing Kickstarter ever!

Parents around the world flocked to Kickstarter to get Peejamas' benefits, like:

  • Stress-free, uninterrupted sleep 
  • Eliminate wet sheets and stained mattresses
  • Save hundreds of dollars compared to nighttime diapers
  • Help your kids potty train more quickly
  • Function as regular pajamas after you child stops wetting the bed



Life after Kickstarter

We've just started shipping the first batch of Peejamas to our Kickstarter backers, and the initial feedback we've gotten from them has been AMAZING. Parents LOVE Peejamas.

After Kickstarter, we launched Peejamas on Indiegogo and over 230,000 people rushed to the site to see what the fuss was all about. We recently closed down that campaign and expect to ship all those additional orders this October so all those kids can look good peeing the bed, too ...

The current phase

Now, we're taking orders for our third batch of Peejamas. We'll be closing this phase down soon so we can have enough time to fulfill in time for the holidays. 

Peejamas have quickly become the #1 Great Gift Invention of 2018!