Why Peejamas

Since the first day we launched we've often been asked the question, "Why?"

When explaining the 'Why', nearly any parent who has gone through the woes of nighty potty-training immediately says something along the lines of, "That's amazing!"or "Diapers are the worst!", or even "OMG, I would love that!"

The question we want to answer for you is why Peejamas and, perhaps, more importantly, 'who are Peejamas made for?'.

"Why Peejamas"

Considering you're visiting our site (and still reading this), we're assuming you may feel defeated in the torment that is nighttime training, are tired of being peed on at night, or maybe you're looking for something more eco-friendly and affordable. You've probably had a question similar to these:

"Do I put my kiddo in a diaper?"

"June is potty trained during the day, why is she still randomly peeing at night?",

"Nighttime diapers are so expensive!",

"I'm sick of contributing to landfills",

"I hate changing the sheets in the middle of the night!"

We exist to answer these exact questions. Peejamas are made as a more affordable, eco-friendly, and convenient trainer for children at night.  Together, we help eliminate waste in our landfills, potentially save parents hundreds of dollars over the course of potty-training, and save parents from unwanted wake-up calls at 3 a.m.


"But Who Are Peejamas Made For?"

For thousands of parents, Peejamas have been the go-to plan from day one of potty-training. With sizes as small as a 2T, Peejamas can be used for the full potty-training cycle. This is where cost savings become exorbitant!

Nocturnal enuresis is very normal at younger ages. But, in the mind of a 6 year old, they may not think so. They may start to get the feeling like they're the only kid at school who still wears a diaper or wets the bed. That is definitely not the case. Many kids will continue to struggle staying dry even to the age of 12+. To help more kids, Peejamas now offers up to a 6/7 and we're currently working on launching sizes 8/9 in early summer! Those larger sizes do come with an extra layer of super-absorbent fabric to help contain larger releases.

We have complete confidence in the patented design of Peejamas, but our trainers are not the ultimate solution for every child. For children still filling a traditional diaper with urine, those with overactive bladders, or who are heavy wetters, Peejamas are unlikely to function better than prescribed medication or heavy nighttime diapers.  

In our efforts to help children at any age or situation, we are committed to continuously improving the design, urine absorbency, and dependency of Peejamas. Our commitment to you is that we will not stop improving our product until we meet the needs of all children.

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