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Pssst, we’ve been keeping a little secret… For nearly two years we’ve been working on changes to our Peejamas in an effort to continually improve the absorbency and reliability of our brand’s beloved namesake. Well, the wait is finally over and we’re thrilled for everyone to begin using them to conquer bedwetting!

Building on the trusted foundation of our classic Peejamas that tens of thousands of families have come to know and love, Peejamas now come standard with a new and improved interior design that enables your Peejamas to be customized to the wearer’s unique needs. These improvements make the pajamas more absorbent and give your child more confidence because of their less noticeable design.

Similar to a cloth pocket diaper, Peejamas now feature a convenient pocket opening designed to seamlessly insert our Peejamas Boosters, allowing for greater absorbency. This innovative change allows for customized absorbency, adapting effortlessly to your child’s unique needs or for those extra-long nights. 

Rest assured, the essence of what made our original Peejamas a family favorite remains. We've just fine-tuned them, giving you and your child an even better, more tailored bedtime experience. Upgrade to the new Peejamas today and continue the journey of comfortable, worry-free nights with a touch more convenience and customization!

How are they new and improved?

  • New Pocket Design & Customizable Absorbency: Easily insert Peejamas’ Boosters to customize the level of absorbency to suit your child's unique requirements.
  • Enhanced Layering for Extra Protection: More layers than our original jammie design, offering improved absorbency and protection.
  • Even Greater Value: Our new Peejamas now come with a FREE Booster included. That means 7 total layers of protection in each pair of Peejamas, with the ability to add even more layers!
  • Sleek, Low-Profile Fit: Despite extra layers, these pajamas now come with a much slimmer and comfortable profile.
  • Preserved Comfort and Reliability: Retains the coziness and trustworthiness of our original Peejamas.
  • Perfect for Long Nights: Ideal for extended wear, ensuring a peaceful, leak-resistant night.
  • Seamless Upgrade from Original Design: Builds upon the foundation of our beloved original Peejamas, with added enhancements.

Before Use:

Please do not remove tags. Do not wash Peejamas, as washed Peejamas are not returnable.

Please be sure to try Peejamas on the child to make sure they fit snugly around the legs and waist. Both top and bottom should allow for shrinkage, at least 1 inch, as the fabric is 100% cotton.

Prewash Instructions:

After determining if Peejamas fit right, prewash bottoms inside out at least 5 times in cold water and tumble dry on low to loosen absorbent material. Energy efficient and front load washers may require more pre-washes as they generally have a more gentle wash cycle.

Shirts can be prewashed once and tumbled dry on low.

After Use Washing:

Wash regularly as needed on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low. We recommend drying the bottoms inside out to speed up the dry time.

 We suggest using a laundry detergent free of perfumes and dyes. To avoid lingering urine odor, wash as soon as possible after the child wets. If necessary, adding one tablespoon of Borax diluted in one cup water to the laundry can help in the event of a lingering smell.


Contrary to diapers which absorb any and all moisture, Peejamas are designed to slowly absorb liquid and not as much (about 10oz) as a diaper, which causes the child to feel a wet sensation and encourage them to get up and go to the bathroom. What often happens with diapers is children get too comfortable wetting them and the potty training process is prolonged. 

Size Chart


Size Age Height Weight Relaxed Waist Maximum Stretch
2T 2 Years 33.5-35" 30-32 lbs 13.75" 20.5"
3T 3 Years 35-38" 32-35 lbs 14.75" 22"
4T 4 Years 38-41" 35-39 lbs 15.75" 23.6"
5T 5 Years 41-44" 39-45 lbs 16.25" 25.2"
6/7 6/7 Years 44-50.5" 45-58 lbs 18.1" 26.75"
8/9 8/9 Years 50-57" 59-86 lbs 19.7" 28.4"

Note: At size 8/9, there are no specific requirements for a tapered fit or flame retardancy in pajamas. You will notice a wider pant leg with no bottom cuff in 8/9 pajamas.

What size should I order if...?

My child is short and heavier?

We recommend sizing up. To avoid having to use flame retardant chemicals on the fabric like many competitors, Peejamas are designed with a fitted-cut. The fit will be intentionally snug, so a larger size will fit your child better (particularly in the ankle area)

My child is tall and skinny?

We would recommend using the true size for their age if they are long and lean. We lengthened our pants so they should fit a taller child appropriately. Shorts are also a great option for tall children! If your child is extremely thin, we would recommend sizing down, to ensure a snug fit of the Peejamas.

Should I size up for Daytime Trainers?

No need! While our nighttime jammies have stricter regulations that require a more snug fit (because we don't use fire-retardant chemicals on our clothing), Daytime Trainers are true to standard children's sizing while still ensuring a safe and comfortable fit.

How do Peejamas work?

Contrary to diapers which absorb any and all moisture, Peejamas are designed to slowly absorb liquid and not as much (about 10oz) as a diaper, which causes the child to feel a wet sensation and encourage them to get up and go to the bathroom. What often happens with diapers is children get too comfortable wetting them and the potty training process is prolonged. Peejamas can absorb roughly 3 pees a night for light to moderate pee-ers, making them the perfect stepping stone to overcoming nighttime potty training.

They're cheaper than overnight disposable diapers

Parents will pay over $2,000 during the course of their child's potty-training journey, and that doesn't include night-time diapers, which cost, on average, 50% more than standard day-time diapers. This means Peejamas are literally 66%+ cheaper than leading diaper brands when you calculate the quantity and cost of diapers over the span of potty training (they can be washed 300+ times)!

They're an eco-friendly diaper alternative

Did you know it takes 500 years for ONE diaper to decompose? It's true. Diapers contribute to billions of pounds of waste to landfills each year while ONE pair of Peejamas can be washed over 300 times, eliminating 18 pounds of waste and helping save the jammie at a time.

They're kid-friendly and cozy!

Peejamas are created from Oeko-100, certified fabrics that are 100% safe for contact with your child's skin and provide maximum absorbency of urine. Our pajamas are one of the few sold in the U.S. that do not soak the fabric in fire-retardant chemicals. This is important to us as we don't want to put anything on your children we wouldn't put on ours.