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5 Potty Training Reward Ideas

5 Potty Training Reward Ideas

Young or old, we can all appreciate the spark of excitement and anticipation knowing we’re about to be rewarded for meeting a goal or succeeding at a challenge. Whether it’s meeting a sale’s goal at work for a monetary bonus, or winning a soccer game and earning a pizza party, incentives feel good!

Why should potty training be any different?

In this article, we highlight five potty training reward ideas you can use to make potty training fun, rewarding and successful for your child. 

Nighttime potty training tends to be more challenging than daytime potty training so we’ll highlight special rewards for overcoming nighttime bedwetting as well.  


Sticker Chart 

This is probably one of the most popular potty training reward ideas on the internet, and for good reason! Who doesn’t love the thrill of getting to place a sticker on a chart and watching it fill up?

Does your child like unicorns, dinosaurs or cars? In our blog post Ultimate Guide to Free Potty Training Charts for 2022, you will find a huge variety of fun, free and downloadable sticker charts your little one will surely love.

Use these during the day for when your child successfully goes to the bathroom on the toilet OR if their main struggle is at night, use them as incentive after each evening they stay dry.


Celebration Jar

This project may take a little bit more time to set up, but it’ll be well worth it in the end! Take a mason jar and have your child help you decorate it however they want. Then, fill the jar with activities or rewards written on small pieces of paper that they get to pull out every time they use the toilet. To make your child extra excited, let them participate in brainstorming the rewards. Here’s some ideas that immediately come to mind:

  • A scoop of ice cream at the time of your choosing (even mornings!!)
  • A half hour dedicated to playing whatever game you’d like with Mom or Dad
  • A new toy (from a toy basket in plain site)
  • Choose what’s on the menu for dinner
  • Have a sleepover with your best friend
  • Decide what TV show the family watches for an hour
  • Dance party!
  • Pick out your own outfit today
  • High-five 


Reading Time

Potty time could be pretty boring, but it doesn’t have to be! Set aside an exclusive pile of books in the bathroom, reserved only for potty time. Your child will look forward to sitting on the toilet and getting lost in the tales and imagery of a great children’s book. 

In need of some great new books for your child? Check out the Top 25 Young Children’s Books. (Some of the books on this list may have you taking a trip down memory lane yourself!)

Don’t want to buy books? Check to see the guidelines of your local library. Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, some libraries are open for pickup (sanitizing any book before sharing it). Unless your child wants to be surprised, let them be a part of picking the books - it’ll make the experience that much more exciting!


Big Kid Clothes

Look good, feel good! As your child becomes better at potty training, reward them with big kid clothes. Brands like Peejamas are excellent for this stage of the potty training journey, as they come in a variety of fun colors and patterns and look just like grown-up pajamas, but they have a highly absorbent fabric and specialized design to help reduce seeping/leaking from any accidents. They’re great for overnight, but discreet enough to flaunt during the day. Your child will feel proud and grown-up in their Peejamas

Potty Training Pants


This potty training reward seems less exciting than the others, but don’t underestimate the impact of a big hug, expressions of gratitude and excitement from Mom or Dad. Seeing your parents happy because of you is a powerful feeling and your child will remember it, and ideally, replicate it. Big victories or small, be your child’s biggest cheerleader. It’ll go a long way in their potty training journey. 

While this is a general list of potty training reward ideas that will work, don’t be afraid to customize your incentives! You know best what excites your child...build their favorite toys and activities into your daily training.


In no time, your child will be making significant strides forward in their potty training journey, and with the help of these potty training rewards, it’ll surely be a fun and engaging experience. 

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