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Our Secret Sauce

Peejamas' two patents incorporate not only our ability to maximize absorbency based on the design and function of our pajamas, but also focus on containing urine to keep your sheets dry and mattress stain free. With the design and fabric-technology of our pajamas, they will hold about the same amount of liquid as a nighttime diaper.  In fact, the fabrics we use are of such high-quality, they can be washed 300+ times before they lose absorbency. With Peejamas, you can kiss your old nighttime diapers and trainers goodbye and be part of the solution to decrease waste in our  landfills, save money, and improve the psyche of your child to get them trained faster. 


What do you call Peejamas after your kid is potty-trained? Pajamas! That's right, instead of having a bunch of useless diapers after your child is potty-trained, Peejamas still offer your child stylish, adorable and super comfortable pajamas.