Policies and FAQs


Returns and Exchanges 

Due to the nature of our product, Peejamas does not accept returns for washed or worn pajamas, training pants, or bed pads. We are happy to offer exchanges and refunds for unused items within 30 days from the date your item(s) are shipped. Clearance items are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Please remember to try on your product before pre-washing or removing any tags in order to be eligible for an exchange.

In the unfortunate case you determine Peejamas are not a match for your child, be sure to include all packaging - the polybag, yellow hang tag, the sticker and the belly band with your return. A $4.00 restocking fee will be applied to returned orders. Thank you for understanding! If your product arrives damaged or defective through no fault of your own, Peejamas will happily provide you with a pre-paid return label to exchange your product at no cost.

Shipping costs for returned items are not refundable. To enquire about an exchanging or returning your item(s), please send us an email to contact@peejamas.com. 



Though most orders will ship within just a few hours, Peejamas strives to have all orders processed and shipped within 1-2 business. To offer affordable pricing, Peejamas tries to use DHL and USPS for shipping. 

If the customer enters the wrong shipping address at checkout, it is the customer's responsibility to rectify that or arrange delivery to the correct address. 

Because Peejamas uses a partner for fulfillment and shipping, typically we are unable to make changes to an order once it has been made. If a change is required, please contact us immediately so we can do our best to try and fix any potential issue or problem. 

Estimated Shipping Delivery Ranges:

  • FREE standard shipping on orders $75.00+ in the U.S (6-7 days)
  • Priority (est. 4-6 days)

Based on the value of your order, Peejamas offers shipping protection through the  Navidium App. For one small, order protection will cover your order from theft or lost packages. Please contact us directly if you are concerned that your order has been lost or stolen. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?!

A: We do! Peejamas ship worldwide. We offer a fast, affordable international shipping option. Please note, Peejamas does not account for local duties and fees. Customers are responsible for the payment of duties in their country. 




Product-Related Questions

Q: How do Peejamas work?

A: Contrary to diapers which absorb any and all moisture, Peejamas are designed to slowly absorb liquid and not as much (about 10oz) as a diaper, which causes the child to feel a wet sensation and encourage them to get up and go to the bathroom. What often happens with diapers is children get too comfortable wetting them and the potty training process is prolonged. Peejamas can absorb roughly 3 pees a night for light to moderate pee-ers and can be washed 300+ times, making them the perfect stepping stone to overcoming nighttime potty training. Our mission is to help you - parents - save money and help your child potty-train more quickly, while reducing waste in landfills and preserving our beautiful planet. 


Q: Do Peejamas work for everyone?

A: Peejamas have helped thousands of kids with their potty training experience and we fully believe in the reliability of our patented product. However, Peejamas are not (yet) the answer for every child. Currently, Peejamas will reliably hold 10 oz. of fluid, which may not be enough for all kids. If your child is still filling their diaper overnight, has an active or overactive bladder, or is a heavier wetter, we recommend pairing our nighttime jammies with a Mattress Protector to ensure your mattress stays dry. Read below about our 100% money back guarantee! Please note, your Peejamas might leak if your child pees over 10oz, but with the mattress pad, we guarantee the mattress will stay dry. 


Q: What is the Dry Mattress Guarantee?

A: When you purchase a Jammie/Mattress Protector Combo (Top and Bottom Sets, Mix & Match Bottoms, Daniel Tiger Jammies or Clearance Top and Bottom Sets and a Mattress Protector), and your mattress gets any urine leakage on it, we’ll issue you a 100% money back guarantee.


This Guarantee extends to any customer who purchased a Mattress Protector in addition to one or more nighttime jammies sold by Peejamas. Should leakage occur, allowing any moisture to seep into your mattress, while using a “Jammie/Mattress Protector Combo”, meaning a pair of well-fitting jammies and a twin size Mattress Pad simultaneously, we will offer a product replacement or refund. 


  • You must have purchased the Peejamas’ Mattress Protector
  • You must have purchased at least one pair of Peejamas’ nighttime jammies
  • You must have confirmed the jammies fit upon receiving them (Try Peejamas on the child to make sure they will fit snugly around legs and waist. Both top and bottom should allow for shrinkage, at least 1 size, as the fabric is 100% cotton)
  • You must have followed the pre-wash instructions (prewash bottoms inside out at least 3-5 times in cold water and then tumble dry completely on low setting to loosen absorbent material)
  • Proof of leakage after simultaneously using the Jammie/Mattress Protector Combo overnight
    • Upon Request: Video evidence showing urine having leaked through the pad onto the mattress emailed to contact@peejamas.com
  • Willingness to conduct a “pour test” upon request, showing water leaking through the Mattress Protector


  • Any leakage that has occurred using ONLY the nighttime jammies or ONLY the Mattress Protector. 
  • Any leakage that has occurred using Daytime Trainers, as opposed to nighttime jammies (Top and Bottom Sets, Mix & Match Bottoms, Daniel Tiger Jammies or Clearance Top and Bottom Sets
  • Leakage outside the Mattress Protector. Naturally, the pad can only absorb if urine covers its surface. Accidents occurring out of the pad surface are not eligible for a refund.  


Q: How do Peejamas fit?

A: To abide by the CPSC regulations for children's sleepwear that do not have fire retardant chemicals, Peejamas are a tapered fit. This means our pajamas tops are tapered from shoulder to wrist and chest to waist. On the bottoms, they are tapered from the Waist to the ankles. Because of the fit and potential shrinkage, some parents prefer to size up when purchasing Peejamas. At size 8/9, however, there are no specific requirements for a tapered fit or flame retardancy in pajamas. You will notice a wider pant leg with no bottom cuff in 8/9 and 10/11 pajamas.

Q: Do Peejamas shrink?

A: Peejamas are NOT pre-washed, meaning they may shrink. Please account for possible shrinkage when determining your sizing.


Q: How do I wash Peejamas?

A: Prewash Instructions: After determining if Peejamas fit right, prewash bottoms inside out about 5 times in cold water and tumble dry on low to loosen absorbent material. Repeat wash and dry cycle each time. This will help loosen the absorbent material, as annoying as it may be (LOL). Pro tip: Dry jammies inside out for faster drying time. After 2-3 wash/dry cycles, pour some water on the liner once the jammies are dry. If it absorbs quickly, you don't need to wash the extra times. The washing/drying is to loosen the absorbent material. If the water doesn't absorb quickly, wash and dry a few more times.

Energy efficient and front load washers may require more pre-washes as they generally have a more gentle wash cycle. Shirts can be prewashed once and tumbled dry on low.

After Use Washing: Wash regularly as needed on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low. We recommend drying the bottoms inside out to speed up the dry time.We suggest using a laundry detergent free of perfumes and dyes. To avoid lingering urine odor, wash as soon as possible after the child wets. If necessary, adding one tablespoon of Borax diluted in one cup water to the laundry can help in the event of a lingering smell.


 Q: Should my child wear their underwear with their Peejamas?

The short answer is no, kids do not have to wear underwear with their Peejamas BUT some families like to have their child wear underwear to mimic/train for a future without bedwetting. It's up to your personal preference.


Q: What if my child poops in Peejamas?

In the majority of cases, children achieve bowel control by the time they're ready for nighttime training. However, if you're concerned about your child pooping in their Peejamas, don't be! Here's what we recommend if your child poops in their Peejamas: Scoop out as much poop as you can and toss in the toilet. Then wash Peejamas like normal. For a stronger wash for any lingering smell, dilute one tablespoon of Borax in one cup water and add to the laundry.


Q: Do Peejamas cause a rash?

ARashes caused by Peejamas are extremely unlikely. The fabric of Peejamas is specially designed with bamboo. Bamboo is a natural antimicrobial and kills bacteria naturally. Due to the nature of our kid-safe materials, in the unlikely event a rash occurs, it will likely be because your child has an unknown allergy or has been wearing soiled Peejamas for too long and their skin is irritated by urine.


Q: Does Peejamas use fire retardant chemicals on their jammies?

A: Peejamas does not use fire retardant chemicals. We are committed to only selling products that we, ourselves, would put on our own children. We will always abide by that. As such, we do not have fire retardants in our fabrics. 


Q: Does Peejamas follow Consumer Product Safety Commission Requirements?

A: Peejamas does abide by CPSC regulations. We perform regular tests on the quality of our fabrics, including required testing for lead. Peejamas has passed all such product testing with flying colors! Please note the yellow tags on our jammies denoting that Peejamas do not include fire retardant chemicals and thus are meant to have a more 'snug' or 'fitted' design. 

We follow all U.S testing requirements. At this time, we do not test for PFAS because the U.S does not require us to.


Q: What are daytime trainers?

A: When parents start potty training their kids, the common best-practice is to go cold turkey and cut them off from using diapers. This is great, but can lead to frequent potty accidents and leakage. This is where daytime trainers come in. Most hold just a single ounce of liquid, so it is important to understand that daytime trainers typically cannot hold an entire pee release, but are a great first step in making your child feel like a “big kid” and want to ditch the diapers.

Following the same patented design as our nighttime Peejamas, our training pants contain small accidents better than any other competing training undies on the market. This is because we use the same impermeable fabric from our overnight Peejamas to help contain the urine.