Neat Potty Training Gadgets - Peejamas

Neat Potty Training Gadgets

The days when you were potty trained and the days when you are doing the training are two completely different animals. Back then, there were potty...

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Peejamas Potty Training Chart - Peejamas

Peejamas Potty Training Chart

Why do potty training charts work? Tracking your child's potty training success with a visual chart can produce exceptional results in helping trai...

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Potty Training Your Girl! - Peejamas

Potty Training Your Girl!

If you saw our blog post on potty training boys, you’ll already know there are a few differences when it comes to potty training a boy versus a gir...

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Potty Training Your BOY - Peejamas

Potty Training Your BOY

Is potty training a boy harder than a girl? Indeed, boys tend to potty trainer a little later and slower than girls but there are tactics to help! Check out our three must-do's to help potty train your boy.

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