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Is Your Child Dry All Day But Pees At Night?

Is Your Child Dry All Day But Pees At Night?

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Maybe you've noticed your child manages to stay dry all day only to discover they frequently (or always) pee at night. Have no fear - this is extremely normal. 

But Why?

This ultimately goes back to the pathways between your child's brain and their bladder being in sync. As each child is unique, sometimes those pathways simply take a little longer to develop. As Child Psychologist Dr. Heather Wittenberg teaches, this is most frequently genetic and is not the fault of the child or an issue you should be worried about. Another common factor is whether your child is a heavy sleeper.

When is my child ready?

This largely comes down to the individual child, but there are certainly signs you can keep an eye on to help you know when the time might be right. Keep reading below for those signs and tactics to take the next big step!

They ask to go potty

This is clearly the most obvious sign and one of the least common (at first). If your child is either waking up at night and asking to go potty, or asks you to go potty first thing in the morning, this is a solid sign it may be time to test nighttime training.

They stay dry during naps

If you notice your child is starting to stay dry during naps, this is a great sign that they brain and bladder are beginning to make those connections! Understandably, making the jump from naps to nighttime is a big one, but you can do this! 

They ask to stop using diapers

If your child has begun asking to not use diapers (and shows hints of other signs of progress), that is a strong sign you can begin to ditch the diapers! 

Having Backup Ready!

If your child is showing signs of progress, you may be ready to ditch diapers and consider alternative options. Peejamas are ideal for children who are progressing down the potty training path and no longer want (or rely on) a diaper.

With hundreds of 5 star Peejamas Reviews, Peejamas are a great alternative option for your child during nighttime potty training.

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