Size Chart


Size Age Height Weight Relaxed Waist Maximum Stretch
2T 2 Years 33.5-35" 30-32 lbs 13.75" 20.5"
3T 3 Years 35-38" 32-35 lbs 14.75" 22"
4T 4 Years 38-41" 35-39 lbs 15.75" 23.6"
5T 5 Years 41-44" 39-45 lbs 16.25" 25.2"
6/7 6/7 Years 44-50.5" 45-58 lbs 18.1" 26.75"
8/9 8/9 Years 50-57" 59-86 lbs 19.7" 28.4"

Note: At size 8/9, there are no specific requirements for a tapered fit or flame retardancy in pajamas. You will notice a wider pant leg with no bottom cuff in 8/9 pajamas.

What size should I order if...?

My child is short and heavier?

We recommend sizing up. To avoid having to use flame retardant chemicals on the fabric like many competitors, Peejamas are designed with a fitted-cut. The fit will be intentionally snug, so a larger size will fit your child better (particularly in the ankle area)

My child is tall and skinny?

We would recommend using the true size for their age if they are long and lean. We lengthened our pants so they should fit a taller child appropriately. Shorts are also a great option for tall children! If your child is extremely thin, we would recommend sizing down, to ensure a snug fit of the Peejamas.

Should I size up for Daytime Trainers?

No need! While our nighttime jammies have stricter regulations that require a more snug fit (because we don't use fire-retardant chemicals on our clothing), Daytime Trainers are true to standard children's sizing while still ensuring a safe and comfortable fit.