Simplify Potty Training with Peejamas: The Secret Weapon for Conquering Bedwetting Woes

Our patented pajamas are designed to absorb and contain accidents, promoting confidence and independence in children of all ages. Our products are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and hassle-free, making Peejamas the ideal choice to simplify potty training/bedwetting.

How They Work

Peejamas work by combining the comfort of regular pajamas with the absorbency needed for nighttime potty training.

Peejamas have a built-in absorbent liner that can absorb 2-3 light to moderate bedwetting accidents throughout the night. The liner is strategically placed in the core area of the Peejamas to provide optimal protection.

When a child has an accident, the liner absorbs the liquid, preventing it from soaking through to the outer fabric. Simply wash, dry & reuse 300+ times!

Features and Benefits:

▪️ One pair can be worn over 300 times
▪️ Peejamas are 1/3 the cost of diapers per use
▪️ Peejamas can actually speed up the potty training process because they help your child feel a wet sensation and encourage them to get up and go to the potty
▪️ They’re discreet and help your child feel like a big kid

Who They're For

Peejamas are designed for kids sizes 2T-8/9 who are in their potty training journey (we're working on larger sizes too!), or those navigating ongoing bedwetting. They are recommended for families who are ready to stop using traditional diapers or pull-ups but still need some absorbency and protection. Peejamas provide a transition between diapers and regular underwear.



How effective are Peejamas in preventing leaks during nighttime bedwetting?

Our jammies can hold 2-3 light to moderate pees on their own. If you have a deep sleeper or heavy wetter, we recommend pairing your Peejamas with our Booster Insert and Mattress Pad.

Are Peejamas suitable for all ages of children in the potty training stage?

Yes! We know potty training depends on developmental readiness and have sizes 2T through 8/9 to accommodate more ages.

Are Peejamas as absorbent as a diaper?

Because our jammies are natural materials, they are not as absorbent as absorbent chemical polymers found in disposable diapers. If your child is just getting started or you suspect they release more than 8-10 oz of urine, we recommend pairing your nighttime jammies with Booster Inserts and Mattress Protector.

What materials are Peejamas made of, and are they safe for children's skin?

We are committed to only selling products that we, ourselves, would put on our own children. Peejamas does not use fire retardant chemicals. The liner is made from a soft bamboo velvet blend and the Peejamas' fabric is 100% cotton.

Can Peejamas be used for daytime accidents as well, or are they specifically designed for nighttime use?

Yes, absolutely! Though made for nighttime, because they are discreet, some customers use them as pants or shorts during the day. They are great for when a bathroom may not be as accessible like roadtrips, flights, longer activities, etc. Though less absorbent than nighttime jammies, we recommend shopping our Daytime Trainers for day use.

How do Peejamas compare in terms of cost to disposable diapers or pull-ups?

Because Peejamas can be rewashed over 300 times, they actually cost a third LESS than night diapers per use. Spend a little more upfront for Peejamas and then never have to buy a pull-up again!

Are Peejamas machine washable, and how easy are they to clean and maintain?

Yes, they are machine washable. We recommend washing & tumble drying inside-out on low 5 times before use to loosen the absorbent material. After that, wash regularly as needed on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low inside-out.

Are there any specific care instructions or recommendations for using Peejamas effectively?

We recommended pre-washing your jammies five times before using them to loosen the absorbent material.

Are there any potential allergies or sensitivities associated with the materials used in Peejamas?

Because Peejamas' liner is made from bamboo, which is a natural anti-microbial, very few families have complained of a rash or irritation.

Are there any additional tips or strategies for using Peejamas as part of a successful potty training routine?

Don't rush potty training. You cannot force nighttime training. If your child is not ready, they won't successfully wake up and you'll experience many frustrating accidents, for you and your child. Follow readiness signs from our BLOG.