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The Ultimate Guide to Bedwetting Mattress Pads

The Ultimate Guide to Bedwetting Mattress Pads

Daytime potty training is an enormous hurdle, but once you clear it, you’ll have to take on the nights. Some kids night train easily, but others may take months or even years to master the habit. In the meantime, you’ll be faced with nighttime messes that can soak the mattress and the task of changing wet sheets when you’d much rather be sleeping.

To make your job easier, there are some excellent products that act as a barrier between your child and their sheets. They can keep urine from seeping through to the mattress. They also make your life easier because you’ll simply need to replace the soiled pad (we recommend buying two) rather than going through the hassle of removing and replacing wet sheets.

If you search online, you’ll find many different features for these products; they vary in absorbency, size, price, composition materials, washability, grip, and more. All of the choices can be overwhelming, but we’ve got you covered.

Things to looks for:

1. Is it crunchy? Loud? What is the material?

2. Is it easy to take on and off?

3. Is it reusable? 

4. What size bed do I need it to fit?

5. How much liquid does it hold? How absorbent is it?

6. What keeps it in place? Is it going to move around as my child rolls?

After assessing the questions above, our overall top pick is the Peel-Away Pad by Peejamas. 

When used together with our patented Peejamas, the Peel-Away Pad provides a whopping 70 oz. of absorbency making it the perfect extra layer of comfort (literally and figuratively) for kids who are heavy wetters, just getting started on their potty-training journey, or even those who manage the challenges of ongoing incontinence.

Simply place the Peejamas Peel-Away Pad on top of your fitted bed sheet and tuck the sides under the mattress to help keep it in place for those wiggly kids.

Changing the pad is easy. Give a little tug to a corner of the pad to quickly peel it off your mattress and throw it in the wash. Peejamas' Peel-Away Pad can be used over 250 times!

Twin Size Dimensions: 38" W x 30" H

18" cotton wings to tuck under the mattress

Additional Information: 

    • Waterproof
    • Hypoallergenic 
    • Noiseless
    • Protects from stains
    • Breathable & comfortable
    • Machine washable
    • Wings keep it in place
    • Easy slip on/off
    • Fit up to 14in thick mattresses
    • Perfect for heavy wetters and overnight incontinence

mattress protector for potty training

So now what? You've have the perfect mattress protector and you can rest easy knowing the bed is protected. What about the sheets though? Still doing wash daily? Try Peejamas! While they won't hold all the urine of a heavy pee-er, for kids potty trained during the day and just struggling at night, these nighttime training pants could be the perfect option for you! 

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