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Potty Training: From a Toddler's Perspective

Potty Training: From a Toddler's Perspective

Sure, potty training can be extremely stressful for parents preparing to help their child on their next step towards being a big kid. But as parents, do we ever stop to consider how this new challenge may affect our child?

Indeed, potty training can be a very challenging and even scary experience for a child. Being sure to have empathy for your child as you begin down this path can help you, and your child, be successful in their new task! 

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Interruptive Challenge 

 Children care most about one thing - playtime! To break up this part of the day can be extremely unpleasant for your child. Consider this perspective when interrupting your child's play time or other activities. You may find greater success by making the potty routine a sort of game in itself!

Fear of the Toilet

As we've mentioned in other posts, children can have a very real fear of the toilet. Don't ignore this, but seek to understand they may fear the noise, and even more so, the perception that they may fall in the toilet. Help calm these fears with kids' toilet seats or by holding them to reassure your child that you are securing them.

Clean Up

What kid enjoys washing their hands? Not ours! Once your child successfully goes potty on the toilet, remember to teach them proper hygiene about wiping, flushing, and washing their hands! Using songs to sing during the clean up, and especially washing their hands, helps assure proper sanitation and helps make it more enjoyable! 



Kids are smart and capable. Remember to use positive reinforcement to help them. Never shame them for potential delays. The child did not put a timeline on their potty training success, so be mindful of any expectations you may put on them. You've got this. They've got this! Keep going! 

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